Domestic Cleaning


Domestic Division

Adelaide Pool Patrol is SA’s leading pool maintenance company.
Our domestic division looks after clients all over Adelaide.
Our pool service technicians are certificate 4 accredited, offering you an assurance of premium serivce.
Adelaide Pool Patrol are South Australian owned and operated since 1996.

Pool Cleaning Service

Adelaide Pool Patrol’s regular pool cleaning service includes checking the water level and equipment, cleaning pool cover and brooming down the tiles at water line, vacuuming and balancing the water, emptying the skimmer baskets and doing a backwash.
We have plans available or we can tailor a plan to suit your needs.


Health Check

We have developed our own comprehensive assessment system that provides you with an independent report on the condition of your pool structurally, along with the condition of all associated equipment. If you are about to purchase a new property with a pool, for your own peace of mind, make a booking for a ‘Pool Health Check’ with one of our qualified technicians.