Corporate Division

Adelaide Pool Patrol is SA’s leading pool maintenance company.

Our corporate division look after clients including schools, retirement homes, holiday apartments and recreation centres. Our pool service technicians are certificate 4 accredited, offering you an assurance of premium service.

Our corporate clients include – St Peters Girls School, Pembroke School, Royal Coach Hotel, Liberty Towers, Baywater Retirement Village, Pasadena Retirement Villages, North Adelaide Meridien Hotel, Netley Grove Village, Acacia Park Retirement Village, Norfolk Estate and more!


We have a fleet of vehicles and technicians servicing Adelaide therefore we are able to quickly respond to any situation you may need us. Our technicians have training in all areas of commercial pool operation. We can make sure you’re compliant with all the current regulations as well as being on top of any regulation changes. We use the same testing equipment that is used by local councils and Health Authority inspectors so you can be assured of your complex will be compliant when random inspections are performed, therefore preventing costly closures to your pool.
We have a thorough knowledge of all quality dosing systems we will be able to repair your equipment if not on site, with minimal disruption to your premises.

We offer convenience, tailored packages to suit your requirements and we are fully compliant and assure you of minimum disruption.

Adelaide Pool Patrol provides a comprehensive service program for commercial pools. This includes cleaning your pool with our own “mobi-vac” – a fully independent cleaning system. In most complexes with wet decks the ‘mobi-vac’ system is the most effective solution.

Our services are available 7 days a week. We offer service plans that include daily visits, 1 or 2 visits per week or we can customise a plan to suit your needs.

Health Check

The importance of maintaining the highest quality water for your pool and customers using your facility is our first and foremost concern. For your peace of mind Adelaide Pool Patrol has developed a ‘POOL HEALTH CHECK’ procedure. All aspects of your pool are carefully looked at, and we give you an accurate ‘snap shot’ of your pools structural condition and equipment efficiency and condition. This helps assist companies as to future expenditure that may be needed and often this procedure will save clients thousands of dollars as more efficient and suitable equipment will be suggested if your current equipment is costing you money.

This service includes a written report detailing all tests performed and results, recalibrate and service dosing equipment, on site service and repair of any faulty equipment and advise on-site pool operator of any issues that can be improved.

Tuition & Consultation

Adelaide Pool Patrol can offer on site training to better equip your staff with the responsibility of pool maintenance.
We can cover all aspects of your pool with one on one or group sessions. We can also advise on signage, OH&S legal requirements, equipment compliance and any other relevant issues.

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