Free Water Testing

Pool Water Testing

Simply bring a sample of your pool water into our shop and get it tested for free

What you need to do:

  • Use a clean bottle to collect water sample.
  • Allow 2 days after shock dosing your pool before taking water sample.
  • Rinse bottle with water from your pool before collecting the sample.
  • Fill the bottle with pool water away from any return fittings at a depth of half a metre.
  • Fill bottle to overflowing so there is no air space and then cap.
  • Do not leave sample in direct sunlight and ensure sample is fresh for testing (ideally 1 hour).
  • Do not allow sample to get too warm.
  • Record pool volume. If unsure of pool volume, measure length (m) x width (m) x average depth (m) x 1000 = volume in litres.

Our staff can give you advice on chemicals and equipment, we’ll help you work out the best way to maintain your pool.

Our shop is located at 1 Vincent Avenue, Somerton Park. We have an insulated ‘DROP BOX’ if you come past after hours, leave your water sample and email address and we’ll get the results to you the next working day.

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