Sparkling Clean and Crystal Clear!

January 6, 2016

Oxy Shock is a non-chlorine shock oxidizer specifically made to keep your pool sparkling and healthy.

$32 in store now!

Without regular oxidation, organic contaminants will continue to build up, potentially consuming sanitizing chemicals faster than they are being supplied. When this happens, water quality begins to deteriorate, algae can develop, or the water can become dull and cloudy. Most importantly, Oxy Shock provides protection against disease and infection causing microorganisms, eliminating the main cause of eye, skin and nose irritations.


  • Works with chlorine, bromine and most alternative sanitizing systems 
  • Depend on Oxy Shock non-chlorine shock oxidizer to keep your pool sparkling
  • “Shock and Swim” means Oxy Shock non-chlorine shock oxidizer delivers its    concentrated cleaning power in just 15 minutes! 
  • Blue water brightening crystals keep your pool sparkling clean 
  • Ideal for all types of pools: indoor/outdoor, residential/public 
  • Contains monopersulfate compound

Routine oxidation can often be overlooked. Often pool owners begin oxidation after a problem occurs, however it’s important to look at oxidation as an ongoing part of pool maintenance.