Mary Liston, McLaren Vale SA

The pool is so clean all the time, the chemical consumption is almost zero. Mostly all I do is adjust the pH. I have had to drastically reduce the chlorine production as there is just no dirt or other litter in the pool to consume the chlorine.

I recently had two “problems” with my little “man”. One was that one of his shoes came off (foam roller), but he graciously picked it up and presented it to me in the litter basket, the other was more serious. He stopped working. I realised it must have been his cable.

There was absolutely no problem with repair and replacement though. The amazing team at Pool Patrol in Somerton Park, SA were so wonderful and had my little “man” back working in no time.

Whilst he was away, I manually vacuumed the pool and thought I had done a pretty good job. Once the pool cleaner was back on the job, I soon realised there is no way anything else can possibly clean the pool the way the Dolphin does. From what looked like a clean pool, the Dolphin filled it’s baskets with all the fine dust and debris.

So, thank you once again, both Pool Patrol and Maytronics.


Alex Ayres, Glenelg South

Thank you Adelaide Pool Patrol for turning our green pool into paradise. I keep walking in our backyard and can’t believe how great it looks. You truly know what you are doing and it shows. Thanks again!

Dennis Newbery

I have been using Adelaide Pool Patrol for the last 5 years. I would like to thank them for the work they have done on my pool whether it be straight service or a full empty and acid wash. The staff has shown full professionalism from quotation to the end result with full knowledge of the industry. I have tried other companies in the past but had nothing but problems.

Murray Monteleone

Thank you for your prompt service for the beautiful MagnaPool that you installed for Stella and myself. It is the best investment I have ever made in my 43 years in the building game. We would like to thank you on your great help and thank your technician Rob for doing a marvellous job.

Leonie Hughes

Great service every time!

Our technician Evan is friendly and efficient. If I’ve ever had any queries or extra work I’ve been able to talk to Evan and the job gets done. The whole process pretty easy, and I would recommend Adelaide Pool Patrol to anyone wanting to have their pool professionally maintained.


Anne Barker

We are extremely happy with the performance of our serviceman Paddy. He has been servicing our pool since it was put in (5yrs) and that is why it is perfect and runs smoothly.

Paul Murphy, Plympton

Pool Patrol have looked after our pool for many years offering service and advice with skill and specialist knowledge. The technicians have been consistently thorough and always offer information and expertise that solves problems and teaches me at the same time. I always learn from the technicians and gain more knowledge each visit. The specialist skills in chemistry and pool operation provided by the Pool Patrol technicians have helped us to gain a quality pool that is more efficient and safe for each season. The systems in place from ordering a service to the work offered is efficient. I appreciate the care and support we have received and will continue to utilise Pool Patrol technicians for regular services and problem solving.

Bobi Vikor, Property Management, ADCORP PROPERTY GROUP

Adelaide Pool Patrol are called upon regularly to fulfil work obligations for our company and have consistently met with our strict compliance standards and policies. It is with pleasure that we use and recommend them.